Author Visit – Martinshaw Primary School

What a brilliant day today! I got to work with some amazing children from Martinshaw Primary School from EYFS up to Year 6. We investigated how a “choose-your-own-adventure” style story can help us think about the plot and the decisions we make as an author. Over the day, we wrote a collaborative CYOA story with the children guiding us all the way. We ended up with a brilliant story about a pirate dragon who went on a fruitless treasure hunt. You can play through the story below.

Thanks to all of the children and Mr Green for organising the day.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which were fun, creative and engaging. The assemblies were a great way to raise the profile of reading and boost reading enjoyment. An excellent day which was very fun and enjoyable. The pupils really enjoyed the workshops as they were a really creative way for them to write their own stories and work as a team.”

If you’d like to play the amazing CYOA that the children of Martinshaw created, have a go below. I’ve added some words around the ideas, but the structure, decisions and imaginative ideas were entirely the work of the awesome children.

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