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In the distant future, the universe is a barren place. Mining factories known as districts have sprouted on every planet as a way to harvest a universal energy source called flux. Society is broken, and law and order are nonexistent. Only the word of the emperor, an elusive and distant entity, carries any force. The rest of the time, it is left to the clans that roam the slums and shantytowns to administer what counts as justice.

Journeying through the ceaseless rain and pulsing neon lights won’t be easy. The streets are filled with traitors and clans who play by their own rules. You, the reader, must take control of the story in the fourth Pick Your Path adventure and bring an end to the tyranny in District-U. Whatever you choose, trust no one…


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Hidden away in the middle of the Amazon jungle, the Lost City of Z has mystified and lured adventurers and scientists alike for decades.

When famed mechanist Reginald Harris disappeared along with his clockwork machines, rumours of a disturbance around the Lost Temple began to surface.

Now, it’s your turn to head off into the sweltering jungle, brave the ferocious wildlife and legendary monsters and bring an end to the terror.

Ahead of you lie many choices. Whatever happens, choose carefully…

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