Penny-Dreadful Terrors

Darwin Setiawan and Amalia Rendon bring the monsters of Victorian London crawling into your imagination with their superb illustrations.

  • ISBN: 978-1-9161360-8-3
  • Release date: July 2022
  • Length: 198 pages
  • Sections: 363
  • Pick Your: History

Penny dreadfuls are all the rage, but the monsters aren’t just on the page. They are alive and wandering the streets, and Victorian London is at risk. Zombies, werewolves and many more are threatening to rip apart society, but there’s one beast in particular that has caught your attention.

You are one of the most respected monster hunters in England, so it was only natural that the old man would call on you when he heard the rumours. The frantic whispers had reached your ears as well, but you’d dismissed them as nothing more than fanciful imagination. Your path is clear; learn all you can about the legendary Beast of London and destroy it.

Your journey through Victorian London will be fraught with the foulest monsters imaginable. You, the reader, must take control of the story in the third Pick Your Path adventure and earn the reputation as the greatest monster hunter of all time.

The choices are yours, but choose carefully…


The people of Victorian London have often fallen foul of terrible monsters from the darkness. You have grown up on the mean and dirty streets and are now one of the most respected monster-hunters in England. You know more than most that the gore-filled Penny Dreadful magazines are nothing more than a warning of the evils that lurked in the shadows.

You’ve made it your job to travel the world learning about different cultures and their monsters. In the jungles of South America, you’ve battled ancient ghouls brought back to life by witchdoctors. You’ve defeated yetis in the frozen tundra. But now, there is one more creature that needs your attention.

Rumours have been spreading of a mad scientist who has travelled to England from Switzerland. Very little else is known about him, but you know a man who is likely to know more. You realise that it is time to seek him out…