Spooky Illustrations

The brilliant artwork of Darwin Setiawan brings the horrific horrors of the tomb to life.

  • ISBN: 978-1-9161360-9-0
  • Release date: June 2022
  • Length: 178 pages
  • Sections: 326#
  • Pick Your: History

The hot desert sand seems far away as you step into the gloomy darkness beneath an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Ahead of you lie tunnels and traps that haven’t been seen by living eyes for thousands of years. Your fate is in your hands as you, the reader, take on the role of a tomb raider and step beyond the mortal realm.

Your promise to Kat Hazel was simple enough back in the rainy streets of London; you would head to Egypt and return with the Golden Heart of Ra. Perhaps the most coveted of all Egyptian antiquities, your fellow tomb raiders have been searching for it for decades, desperate for the praise of Queen Victoria or their own private sponsor. However, now that you stand at the opening to the tomb, listening to the unearthly howls of whatever still roams in the tunnels ahead, your quest seems foolhardy at best.

Whether you return with the Golden Heart or die a miserable death alone in the darkness is down to you, the reader, as you take control of the action in the second Pick Your Path adventureRoll the dice of destiny and hope that your chosen path is littered with nothing more than the bones of previous adventurers. Whatever you do, choose carefully…


For thousands of years, the Ancient Egyptian civilisation spread across North Africa and the Meditteranean. They left behind fabulous treasures, rich mythology and an overwhelming pantheon of gods.

The wealthiest people in Egyptian society were forever interred in luxurious tombs, fitted out with gold, weapons and food to enrich their afterlife. Even as pharaohs were being buried, tomb raiders were breaking in to steal their treasures. For hundreds of years, these tombs were picked apart until they disappeared into the sand and were lost for millennia.

By the middle of the 1800s, Europeans were well aware of the famous Egyptian tombs, and many hardy adventurers set out to discover these hidden jewels close to the Nile River.

Some raiders returned with tales of mysterious happenings within the tunnels and passageways of the tombs; others spoke of ingenious traps designed to foil those who dared to desecrate the pharaoh’s final resting place.

It is into one such tomb that you must now venture forth to recover the Golden Heart of Ra, an ancient treasure that you have promised to recover for your wealthy sponsor back home in Victorian England.

You have travelled through the scorching heat of the day to arrive at the tomb just as night falls. Your blistered skin seeks relief from the cooler night air, but the chills running along your spine have nothing to do with the weather.
Ahead of you lies a quest filled with mystery, magic and malevolent forces. Your choices will be more important than ever; choose carefully…