Terrifying monsters

Darwin Satiawan brings the monsters of Sherwood Forest to life in his fantastic illustrations.

  • ISBN: 978-1-9161360-4-5
  • Release date: June 2022
  • Length: 196 pages
  • Sections: 254
  • Pick Your: History

Set amidst the tangled roots and twisted trees of Sherwood Forest, an epic adventure awaits you in Escape From Sherwood. Only you control your fate as you step into the shoes of the hero and roll the dice of destiny…

When you joined Robin Hood’s band of vagrants, you promised to be loyal until the end. Now, you have the chance to prove that as you step into the forest on a bitterly cold winter’s night. Your mission is simple: find and ambush the Sheriff of Nottingham. But, unfortunately, the forest is home to a host of strange and magical things, many of which mean you harm.

Escape From Sherwood is the first in the Pick Your Path Adventures series where you, the reader, take control of the story. You decide which paths to take, when to fight and when to flee. Take notes of everything you see, but always remember to choose carefully…


Your parents are dead, killed by the licensed thugs of the Sheriff of Nottingham. You watched from a distance while they slaughtered the men and women of your village, and your cowardice drove you into the depths of Sherwood Forest.

Once hidden amongst the trees, you found your way into the company of Robin of Sherwood, a leader of vagabonds and scoundrels who break the law to suit their own needs.

And yet, there is a strong sense of loyalty and honour within his tribe. Men and women alike take up arms and defend his name against any who sully it.

Robin’s fiercest lieutenant, Little John, quickly took you under his wing and began your slow education in the art of war. You are somewhat proficient with your trusty sword, but you still lack the finesse of the more seasoned warriors.

Despite this, Robin seems to trust you. He has laid at your feet an important mission. Several weeks ago, some of his best men and women were ambushed on the King’s Road and taken to the dungeons of the sheriff’s castle. Robin has asked you to return the favour and ambush the sheriff. He keeps the key to the dungeons on his person at all times; you are to retrieve it and return it to your master.

You decide to make your move as the night turns towards midnight. You have tracked the sheriff and his men for the last few hours, and now you follow them into the deepest and most foreboding section of forest in the land.

The trees bend their branches towards you in a desperate attempt to halt your progress. The only light is that of the moon, hidden behind fleeting clouds. A brisk wind chills the air below freezing, and you baulk at the howls and screams of untold beasts hidden in the shadows.

You begin your adventure…