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The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree
Epic fantasy for readers aged 10 and over
The Halloween Parade
Hilarious chapter book for readers aged 6 and above. Also available in a dyslexia friendly format.
The Magic Knight
A choose your own adventure gamebook that puts you in the heart of Monstacademy. Available in a dyslexia friendly format.
The Egyptian Treasure
Trixie's back and, this time, she's got Mummy problems!
Spot The Dot
Discuss and explore shape, colour and pattern and distract the children on those long journeys!


Exciting news update as both The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree and The Halloween Parade are awarded the amazing 5 Star Review badge from Readers’ Favorite. These awards are decided by children so it’s especially nice to be awarded something by the target audience. Read the review for The Halloween Parade or the review for The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree.

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I’m Matt Beighton, which hopefully you should know as you’ve already found your way here and the URL is a giveaway. That is my real name, I don’t write under a pseudonym. I’m somewhere in my very, very late twenties to early-late thirties. I used to be a teacher (and still do, from time to time) but I’m now sharing stories with the world full time.

Outside of my day-to-day life, I try to support Leicester City, keep a lovely collection of firebellied toads and maintain an allotment. I’m not sure which is most trying at times.

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