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Creative Writing Sessions

Author sessions can provide a great way to engage pupils in reading and writing and often leave lasting memories for many years to come. Matt Beighton’s visits can take the form of creative writing sessions either with whole classes or smaller; targeted groups (they can be an excellent use of pupil premium funding); poetry activities or focus heavily on tips and tricks to overcome the dreaded “I don’t know how to get started”.

If required, sessions throughout the year can be tailored specifically to your topics, from the Aztecs to the space race; there’s no need to wait for World Book Day to engage your children and ignite a lifelong love of reading and writing.

If you’re interested in discussing a session, check out his author page at Authors Abroad or get in touch with his booking agent Yvonne Lang via email to find out more about availability and costs.

To make the most out of your event, have a look at these great hints and tips from the Society of Authors.

N.B. Matt holds a current CRB certificate which can be presented on request.


As an experienced teacher of nearly a decade, his sessions are engaging and well-structured with clear outcomes that can be tailored to your specific needs. Creative writing sessions provide a great opportunity for reluctant or struggling writers to realise that they can create amazing ideas independently. Feedback from these visits is always positive with teachers reporting that their children have taken their story ideas home and written them as full pieces of work. As a use of pupil premium funding, one of Matt’s smaller group sessions would be the perfect way to re-engage disaffected or disadvantaged learners and increase confidence and self-belief. 

Branching Narratives (whole school)

Branching narratives, or choose-your-own-path stories, are great for exploring story structure and the impact of author decisions. This workshop breaks down a simple story such as Little Red Riding Hood, and explores how it could be different if the author changes what happens in small ways. The children use this to create their own branching narrative, either independently or in small groups. Not only does this explore story structure in a new and innovative way, but it also highlights how they always have a choice ahead of them when writing and is a great way to show them that getting stuck when writing is sometimes because they just have to make a choice about what to happen next. There are some excellent ways that this workshop can tie into whole-school engagement, please get in touch with Matt to find out more about this. 

Going from “can’t get started” to “can’t wait to start” (whole school)

One of Matt’s most popular workshops. This session takes children through the process of using story structures and ideas that they know to create new and interesting ideas for narrative fiction. There is no prior learning or knowledge needed and only note-taking equipment is required for the session.

Building a character (whole school)

Matt looks at the people that we know and discusses how characters in stories are built up in layers – by what they say and do, how they act in certain situations and how this information is presented to the reader. By exploring this and creating their own characters during the workshop, children will from skills that they can use in their writing long after the session has ended.

Fightin’ Writin’ Workshops (Key Stage 2)

Matt’s newest workshop and an instant hit, you can explore the Fightin’ Writin’ idea in full at In short, it is a practical workshop that uses miniature battles to enhance the use of vocabulary and narrative style. It removes the physical barrier of writing and encourages children to talk through their narratives, roleplay and build up a dual-narrative story. Recommended for Year 4+.

Any of these sessions can be fully adapted to tie in with your curriculum, from Aztecs to the space race. There’s no need to fight the crowds for a visit around World Book Day to ignite a life-long love of reading and writing!

Alongside all of this, Matt offers CPD sessions for teachers (discounts are available if booked at the same time as a children’s session) based around creative writing and giving children the tools to get over their writer’s block. 

Session Feedback

“A thoroughly enjoyable day for all our students. Many thanks.” – All Saints, Lessingham (Years 3 – 11)

“An excellent day was had by all! Motivational in promoting a love for reading and that all have the potential to be writers. Thank you!” – Countesthorpe Leyland Community College (Years 7-10)

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which were fun, creative and engaging. The assemblies were a great way to raise the profile of reading and boost reading enjoyment. An excellent day which was very fun and enjoyable. The pupils really enjoyed the workshops as they were a really creative way for them to write their own stories and work as a team.” – Martinshaw Primary School (EYFS to Year 6)

“When Matt came into my school to talk to year 4 and 5, the children had a great time. Matt read parts of his books to the children and throughout him reading, the children were engaged at all times. The children came up with some great questions to ask Matt about his books. I would not hesitate to have Matt back to discuss his new books with the children.” – Stokes Wood Primary School (Key Stage 2)

Reading Sets

If you are interested in purchasing reading group sets of any of the following books, please contact Matt direct at Each set contains six copies. I may be able to offer further discount on larger orders.

The Monstacademy series are also available in dyslexia-friendly editions. If you would like any or all of your guided set to be dyslexia-friendly editions, please mention this in your email. There is no extra cost.

Any of the Monstacademy series (can be mixed and matched)

Suitable for: Ages 7-11 (Years 3-6)

Cost: £42 plus p&p (Saving £5.94 off RRP)

The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree / The Shadowed Eye

Suitable for: Ages 9-13 (Years 5-9)

Cost: £45 plus p&p (Saving £8.94 off RRP)

*Images are representative only; cover art and book size may vary.


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