Awesomely illustrated

Once again, Darwin Setiawan has stepped up and produced some of the most exciting and dynamic illustrations for the Pick Your Path universe.

  • ISBN: 978-1-915814-00-5
  • Release date: July 31st 2023
  • Length: 339 pages
  • Sections: 322
  • Pick Your: Cyberpunk

In the distant future, the universe is a barren place. Mining factories known as districts have sprouted on every planet as a way to harvest a universal energy source called flux. Society is broken, and law and order are nonexistent. Only the word of the emperor, an elusive and distant entity, carries any force. The rest of the time, it is left to the clans that roam the slums and shantytowns to administer what counts as justice.

You grew up in one of the most rundown districts of all; District-U. Built on some unknown and distant world, you thought you’d seen the last of it when you fled your clan and the wrath of Magron Thundergill. But now you’ve been dragged back into the dark alleyways and grim existence of the district to bring an end to a reign of terror that could threaten the entire universe. If you can claim revenge on Thundergill at the same time, then all the better.

Journeying through the ceaseless rain and pulsing neon lights won’t be easy. The streets are filled with traitors and clans who play by their own rules. You, the reader, must take control of the story in the fourth Pick Your Path adventure and bring an end to the tyranny in District-U. Whatever you choose, trust no one…


A thousand years in the future, Earth as we know it is a memory, a myth told to children to remind them of things that were once alive. Humans have long left the dead planet behind. Wherever they’ve travelled, they’ve wrought destruction and left scarred worlds in their wake. In this grim future, to be human is to be seen as a virus. Those that have survived have assimilated into the other races that populate the galaxy. Known as the Wide, this broad galactic system is the canvas for some of the worst battles in history. They rode aboard enormous habitats known as World Ships. These sustained them for a while, but resources soon dwindled and a sickness spread.

As humanity spread like a virus, a tyrant known only as the Emperor began his own quest for galactic domination. He began to build a vast army of loyal soldiers, recruited from every race and trained in brutal, cold warfare.

Peace was fragile and on a knife edge. It may well have lasted, but the discovery of FLUX in the Earth year 2985 changed everything.

This invisible force flows through the universe and is the seat of all power. The Flux Route became the most lucrative and most feared passageway in the whole of the Wide. Vast energy ships sprawled across the interstellar void trading flux and other less savoury goods.

Wherever the Emperor’s armies settled on the pock-marked planets, factory systems sprung up. These sprawling, nest-like cities rose like fungus wherever flux was found.
District-Utopia was the first of its kind, designed to be perfect in every way: a utopia for its workers. But greed drove everything, and the great experiment ended with its destruction in 2988, leaving only the factory belching out fumes. Workers still poured into the district, slums emerged on the outskirts, and a black market arose.

Now, the districts are dens of despair, fit to house only scavengers and criminals. Clans rise and fall, leaving nothing but misery and a smudge on the concrete. Only one clan thrives in every district: the Imperialists. Whilst it presents itself as an independent clan, it is rumoured that they are secretly funded by the Emperor as his own private security in the slums.

All districts are led by a warlord, and Magron Thundergill rules over District-U with a plasma fist. It was he who destroyed your family. It was he who drove you from the district as a child. It is he who you have come back for…