Big Editorial Decision

Today marks a big step in the process of publishing my first novel, Spyglass and the Cherry Tree. I’ve made the decision to work with the very highly recommended editor Pam Elise Harris of Kitchen Sink Edits. I can’t wait to see what improvements she can suggest and it gives me a nice working date of the end of June for publication.

However, this isn’t set in stone as I’m also the proud father of a new baby daughter who has caused her own problems. The main protagonist in Spyglass is a girl called Willow; a name that me and my wife both loved so much we have named the aforementioned daughter so. My older daughter was non-to-pleased about her baby sister being name-checked whilst she was left out and so I’ve got the conundrum of trying to rename a character that I have been creating and breathing life into for the better part of three years.

No word yet on the new name, I’ll leave that until publication (plus I’ve not decided on it yet!).

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