The Elephant And The Dormouse

Another attempt at a children’s poem from a while back. I’m not sure about the ending, but it’s best I can wrangle into place for now. I may revisit this one later.

The Elephant And The Dormouse

The Elephant and dormouse

are quite different indeed.

One’s big as a house

the other, as small as a seed.

One has ears as big as the moon,

a nose that hangs to the ground,

a tail that swishes to and fro

and it makes an almighty sound.


When stomping through the jungle

or drinking from a lake,

you can always spot an elephant

by its trunk as long as a snake.


But the mouse is very different,

just between you and I,

it’s very hard to spot, you see

and perhaps you’re wondering why…


Its feet are soft and silky,

it barely weighs a pound

and when it scurries to and fro

it doesn’t make a sound.


But as with every animal,

Including you and me,

they’re also very similar,

just have a look, you’ll see…


Of ears, they both have two,

a pair of eyes to see,

a swishy tail, a nose to smell

and I think you’ll quite agree

that though you and I are similar

our differences abound,

but that’s just fine by me because

they make us fun to be around!

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