Brand New Writing Workshop

I’ve been working on a new workshop for engaging reluctant writers and extending greater depth writers and wanted to share some images. Those who recognise the pictures will have some idea about how the workshop might work, but for those who don’t, I’ll give you a clue:

Children in the workshop will step onto a miniature battlefield and take control of a small army. After each turn, they will describe the narrative as it unfolds in front of them, from their own army’s point of view.

Each game will involve different twists and turns and so each narrative will be unique. Using a school adult to scribe their ideas, the children will be full immersed in talking their writing and exploring the miniature world around them.

There are several key benefits to this particular workshop:

  • It’s game-based.
  • The children won’t be doing the writing – they will be talking all of their ideas. This is great for children who struggle with the physical act of writing or who struggle to commit ideas to paper.
  • They will end up with a detailed and immersive dual narrative by the end of the session.

As soon as things start to calm down and it is safe again to head into schools, I’ll be releasing more information and looking for some schools to trial the new session, so keep your eyes peeled for that email.

If you are looking to book a virtual session, I’m taking bookings now for the summer term. Get in touch, and see how I can help.

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