Hello World!

Hello World!

Well, here we are. Again. Having kept a blog for many a year when I was but a young twenty-something, I am finding it harder than I thought to come up with something worth saying this time around.

As an aspiring writer it has been brought to my attention that I really ought to have somewhere that I can showcase myself and my writing, even if nobody is actually reading it. This is my space. I shall try to fill it with colourful anecdotes about my attempts to finally finish my debut novel, The Dark Queen of Deorc, and my travails in attempting to get it published either through traditional routes or via the increasingly common self publishing. Right now, I can’t make my mind up on which way to go.

I suppose a good place to start would be a introduction, though I’m sure that anybody reading this, at least in the early stages, already knows me. I am currently a teacher of primary aged children and find it very rewarding. It is also a great proving ground for trying out any ideas I have for my book.

The book. It has been several (albeit stop-start) years in the writing and I finally growing happy with it. It currently sits around the 75,000 – 80,000 word mark which I hear is on the long side for a mid-grade/young adult story (does anybody else find the age bands rather hard to understand?); on the other hand, it is a fantasy and so I am apparently allowed some leeway.

Over the next few weeks I plan to knuckle down and make sure that I am writing every evening again (work permitting) and will hopefully have a finished product to dangle in front of agents sometime before the end of February.

We shall see.