Researching information for a new book

One of the best things about writing a new book is the opportunity to research and learn new things. I’m currently working on an entirely new project that will sit outside of the Monstacademy and Shadowland Chronicle series’. In fact, this is the first book I’ve written that is based entirely in reality and our own world.

The basic story will be set around an evacuee during the Second World War and his adventures with a few new friends, including a German Jewish boy sent over in the Kindertransport. I always loved teaching about the war and have a good grasp of the details I’d need, but you can always learn more. So, I visited the amazing National Holocaust Centre just outside of Nottingham.

I knew they had an exhibit all about the Kindertransport, and it proved to be such a worthwhile visit. Even if I wasn’t researching the book, it would have been a life-changing visit. It’s hard to choose appropriate adjectives to describe a display of such a horrific period of time, so I’ll leave it by advising everybody to visit at least once. It will change you.

I also need to say a huge thank you to the staff, particularly Dan, who was eternally patient and helpful with my many questions and requests, and who found me a few minutes with two inspiration survivors. Thank you to both of them who gave up their time to answer my questions.

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