Set on a hill high above the town of Wexbridge sits a foreboding stone castle. Surrounded by turrets and a giant stone wall, this is Monroe’s Academy for the Different. The children that make their way to and from classes within these walls are not like you or I. There are Vampires, Werewolves and many more besides. These monsters have led to the school earning the nickname Monstacademy.

Imagine, then, Trixie Grimble’s distress when a beautifully handwritten letter arrived in the post on an otherwise lovely summer day informing her that her own school was being closed and she’d have to attend Monstacademy!

Can Trixie get over her fears in time to save the school from a dastardly plan that threatens her old life as much as her new? Find out in Trixie Grimble and the Halloween Parade, coming Spring 2018.