The Shadowland Chronicles

Skye Thistle is a normal, awkward fourteen-year-old girl dragged through a long-forgotten spyglass to the mysterious world of Ithilmir. There she’s forced to readdress old prejudices whilst joining forces with her new found Goblin friends as they take on the evil rising in the south.

Swords, sorcery and lots of adventure await as she learns to trust not only her new friends but herself in a quest to return home.

“The Shadowlands lie to the west of Ithilmir, a desolate valley ringed by towering mountains. Nothing living remains and even though it was once lush and fertile it is now nothing more than a scar etched onto the landscape. There, the souls of those who have died wander freely for eternity. It is said that a constant mist swirls down from the peaks and covers the dead in a silver shroud. The Shadowlands are very real but they are not somewhere that the living should ever tread. Those that have dared to venture there have returned changed or not at all.”
– Snudge