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The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree is an epic fantasy set on the distant world of Ithilmir and the first in The Shadowland Chronicles. Read how Skye Thistle sets out to fulfil a prophecy and defeat a Dark Queen threatening to reign down darkness. Available via Amazon or, if you’d prefer a signed copy, via the merchendise page.

(Ages 9+)

Trixie Grimble is the only ordinary girl in a school for monsters! Described as “the funniest story ever!”, The Halloween Parade is a monstrously funny chapter book for the younger reader and the beginning of the Monstacademy series. Available now to order via Amazon or, if you’d prefer a signed copy, via the merchendise page. ( The Halloween Parade is also available in a redesigned layout to aid reading for children with dyslexia and visual impairments).

(Ages 6-10)

About Me

I’m Matt Beighton, which hopefully you should know as you’ve already found your way here and the URL is a giveaway. That is my real name, I don’t write under a pseudonym. I’m somewhere in my very, very late twenties to early-late thirties. I am a teacher by day and father by night. Sometimes I get a little bit of free time and I choose to spend that writing stories.

Outside of my day-to-day life, I try to support Leicester City, keep a lovely collection of firebellied toads and maintain an allotment. I’m not sure which is most trying at times.

At the moment, my works in progress span several different categories. The Spyglass And The Cherry Tree is now available to purchase via Amazon so that’d be a good point for you to jump in and will appeal to readers who enjoy fantasy battles involving Goblins, Orcs and a surly teenage girl. If you enjoy reading about rich mythology then all the better. There’s also a sprinkling of real world reflection regarding the current worldwide displacement of innocent people.

The Monstacademy series is now available to buy via the usual online shops or my own merchandise page.

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