Monstacademy – New WIP

Welcome back avid reader and just in time for some exciting news about my next book. Whilst the follow-up instalment to The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree is being written (don’t panic, you’ll get to find out where Skye’s adventures take her next!) I’ll be editing and preparing a new series of younger reader stories based around the character Felicity Grimble. Read the premise of the story below and, as always, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already.

Can you imagine being kicked out of your comfortable school full of ordinary children and ending up forced to attend the horrible, spooky boarding school on the top of the big hill on the edge of town? The school that everybody knows is full of ghoulish monsters and that has earned the nickname “Monstacademy”?

Join Trixie Grimble on her adventures at Monroe’s Academy for the Different as she soon discovers that not all monsters hide under the bed. In fact, some are actually quite nice including a poor, unfortunate young boy who, due to a twist of fate, has the misfortune of turning into a poodle every full moon!

Fans of The Worst Witch and Roald Dahl will love the quirky humour and interesting characters.

Arriving Spring 2018, spread the word and keep checking back for more information!

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