Spyglass and the Cherry Tree – Shadowland Chronicles #1


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One look couldn’t hurt…One look could change everything you’ve ever believed in…

For Skye Thistle, one look through a mysterious spyglass changed everything. Catapulted to a strange world and into a war she doesn’t understand, she suddenly has a whole new set of problems. Should she hold on to everything she has always believed in, or let go of old prejudices and do whatever it takes to save her new friends?

A dark shadow is growing in the south, and the goblins are at war. Can Skye trust them, or is there a traitor threatening to undermine everything she’s working to achieve.

Desperate to return home, Skye’s only hope is an ancient prophecy that she doesn’t believe in. If she fails, she’ll be trapped forever.

When powerful and dark magic threatens to destroy everything, a teenage girl from Earth may be the only hope to save an entire world.

“The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree is a brilliant fantasy adventure with a journey about confronting fears and trials to become a hero, with a variety of eccentric characters, an evil queen, and the quest for a magical stone.” – ReadersFavourite.com

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