The Monstacademy Mystery Set


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Including books 1-4 plus the Magic Knight, this set offers great value for those who haven’t yet started their adventures at Monstacademy. New product image coming soon showing The Machu Picchu Mystery, but rest assured your set will include it!

When Trixie Grimble’s school closed, and she had to find a new one, the last place she wanted to end up was at a school for monsters. Once she found out that she was going to Monstacademy, she had a whole new set of worries – what if the vampires didn’t like her neck, or the werewolves were having a bad day?

Once she found friends in Gloria, a vegetarian vampire, and Colin, a cursed werewolf, the adventures and mystery were only just beginning. Follow Trixie and her friends as they try to stop evil wizards, Egyptian mummies and ancient monsters, all while making sure they do their homework on time!

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Standard edition, Dyslexia adapted edition