The Books

My haphazard approach to my writing means that I currently have several works in progress. I’ll try to keep this as up to date as possible – if only to keep myself on track!

The Spyglass And The Cherry Tree (Live!)

My main WIP that charts the story of Willow Thistle’s first journey to Ithilmir and her adventures with the Goblins. The first full novel in the Shadowlands Chronicles.

The Emperor In the East (First Draft)

The sequel to Spyglass and the Cherry Tree. The second full novel in the Shadowlands Chronicles.

The Battle Of Eragor (First Draft)

A short story that starts to fill in the backstory of Ithilmir. Part of the Shadow Wars saga within the Shadowland Chronicles.

The Otherworld (Still Writing)

A Victorian mid-grade novel that tells the story of a group of deceased children trying to thwart an attempt at a repeat of the Gunpowder Plot.

Blitz Boy (Still Writing)

A World War 2 story about a young boy who convinces himself that he has super powers as a war to survive the horrors of the blitz.