Sally Saloo

I wrote this a while back but thought it would be nice to get people’s feedback on it, assuming there is anyone out there in the vast wilderness! Please leave any feedback in the comments.

Sally Saloo

There once was a girl called Sally Saloo,

Who couldn’t have been much older than you.

She was taller than most, with shocking blonde hair

And went through the world without hindrance or care.

Often she found herself walking to and fro

Seeking adventure, or places to go

It never did help that she knew east from west

She still ended up wandering lost on her quest.

Now one morning was different, last Thursday I think,

Her father was late and had caused quite a stink

About the fact he might miss a meeting or two;

Things like this never bothered poor Sally Saloo.

So she waited until the streets were no longer dark

and headed off out to Pampaloo Park.

The park had it all, from small ducks to a zoo;

so plenty of adventure for our hero to pursue.

But something was different this day, you’ll soon see,

And it started whilst Sally was sat under a tree

Minding her own business, she didn’t like to seem brash,

When suddenly she heard a great bang and a crash.

It came from up high, in the bow of the oak,

From an old rusty lamp, all battered and broke.

Thinking quick on her feet, Sally shook the great wood

Hoping to knock the thing down, if only she could.

But try as she might the thing just wouldn’t budge,

And soon she was sweating and bearing a grudge.

She pulled and she yanked and she twisted and jumped

She pounded it, kicked it, flicked it and thumped.

It wasn’t until she gave one last great big tug,

That suddenly down came the rusty old jug.

From the lamp came a shout that made Sally fret

“Rub me three times and three wishes you’ll get”.

She rubbed and she rubbed, though timidly at first

And out popped a genie, quite obviously cursed,

For he stood not much taller than the smallest of mice;

About two inches point 3, if you want it precise.

“I’ll grant you three wishes, not four and not two,”

Came the voice of the genie all tiny and blue.

“Though fair warning is needed fair maiden, I’ll vouch,

That wishes I wish for don’t often work out.”

Not wishing to heed such a boring old warning

Sally wished her first wish, to set sail before morning.

She yearned to be a pirate out plundering gold

To raise a Jolly Roger on adventures untold.

But true to his word the wish didn’t quite work out

And caused our young Sally to splutter and pout.

The boat that she saw she agreed couldn’t be finer

But it turns out she was leaving on a holiday cruise liner!

Her days were now spent singing songs to old dears,

And prancing and dancing and drowning her tears.

Two more wishes she had, she knew to think hard,

Her journey so far had most definitely been marred

By his backwards wish making and his lacklustre skill,

But still she was seeking that adventurous thrill.

“I wish for more money than a king’s ever seen,

I wish to be richer than the wealthiest queen.”

A flick of his wrist and the sky rained down gold

But the money was foreign, quite useless I’m told.

She knew that this wish was perhaps not so wise

For the weight of the coin caused the ship to capsize.

Sally swam to the distant and desolate shore,

Sat down on her haunches and thought hard once more.

The third wish, she thought, must be better than most,

No money or sailing or self-centred boast.

She sat and she thought through rain, sun and hail

And came up with a wish that she knew couldn’t fail.

The one thing she wanted, the thing she knew best

Was to be back in a place where she knew east from west.

“Adventure is fine,” she said to herself,

“So long as you know who you are in yourself.”

“These wishes I’ve wished for, were greedy and wrong

And made me feel weak for not being strong;

I knew in my heart that despite several tries

Adventure was near, if I just opened my eyes.

The book on my shelf or a game with my dad,

Are all big adventures just waiting to be had.”

The moral of this story, if one can be found

Is it’s often quite easy to go looking around

For adventure and mischief and to escape the mundane

And those things are fine, every now and again.

But take a stern lesson from Miss Sally Saloo

And don’t wish things to happen, just get out and do.

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